Thursday, October 7, 2010


In approximately 17 hours and 43 minutes my fiance, Lama Karma Rinchen, should be taking his first steps on U.S. soil, granted they will be inside the many walls of San Francisco International Airport. I will be waiting (patiently?) on the other side of the wall and, depending on how long the line through immigration is, will see him shortly after.  

It will have been 96 days since we saw each other last.  Before those 5 weeks together in India, it had been 14 months since we had said goodbye at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. (For the back story on how we met, visit my personal blog, Wake Up.) Needless to say, it seems like eons since we met, but it will be 2 years in November.  Life certainly has changed since we met at that dusty tea stall on Sahastradhara Road. 

I spoke with him while he was waiting at the gate.  He wasn't nervous--he was beyond excited. He had no problems getting through Indian customs (we weren't expecting any, but one never knows).  

Here are some "firsts" for Karma from today:
  • Being inside of an airport
  • Flying in an airplane
  • Being in a western country (his connection is in Seoul, Korea)

Now I wait. 


  1. So excited, we can't really express how much! xoxoxo WE LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE MOON. XOXOXOOXOXOXO ~Funi's parents

  2. I already know this is the next great love story to be written. Keep blogging! Everyone is so excited to meet Karma...especially your Dad and me!

    May you always be as happy and in love with each other as you are today. You have waited a long time to find each other and it is a miracle that you did.

    We love you so much! XOXOXO Mom