Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to Berkeley, BART, Boogie-time--break it down.

I wish I could find a time to write that didn't sacrifice a bedtime snuggle with my husband because every time I sit down to do this, he's out like a light!

We've been back in Berkeley for 4 days and it feels like we never left. All of our remaining wedding presents have been opened, Xmas gifts put away, thank you notes written (not all have been mailed), rooms cleaned, fridge stocked, laundry done...settling in for life "as usual." Whatever that means! Our trip to Virginia seems like a dream...time is such an interesting concept.

We went to our friends 30th birthday party last night and Karma danced for the first time in front of people other than myself. Granted it wasn't as high-intensity as I get to see, but it was a huge thing for me to witness. Thank you, Nilacala, for teaching him to do robotic moves and making him comfortable enough to just get silly!

I also recall that at one point I looked over my shoulder to see where Karma was and he was engaged in a very dynamic conversation with a stranger. He snacked, he chatted, he laughed, he danced...he told me he was drunk off of two beers---totally joking, but thinking he was the funniest person in the world--I'd say it was a great night! (for the record he was drinking sparkling lemonade--one of his faves.)

Today he tackled the BART (subway) alone to visit a friend he'd met in India (who lives in SF). He had the destination station name in tow and relied (apparently) on a homeless woman to help him buy a ticket and strangers to guide him to the correct train, make a transfer and get off at the right stop. He also made it back, but got off one stop early (downtown Berkeley), then misread the map in the station and walked in the wrong direction....came back to the station to re-look at the map and finally made his way home. Maybe that's why he's passed out now!

Karma also reconnected with a Tibetan friend (via telephone) who lives in Chicago whom he hadn't spoken with in 5 years. He's SO excited about this and hopes to see him in person sometime this year. Don't know how that will work out, but we'll see!

This is just a short post...I want to start writing less, more often, so I can remember all the good stuff! For example, if I tell Karma I have bad breath he says it's actually my onion breath hitting his mouth and circling back to my nose. Then he laughs and laughs.... =)

Also, in case you didn't catch this on Facebook, here's a shot from our wedding in VA:


  1. oh how i love hearing about all of your adventures together <3

  2. I know you don't have a clue who I am, but I was reading through a few of your posts and I feel the need to tell you that this made me smile really big. Best wishes and good luck to you and your beau.