Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Dance for Any Day of the Week

Well......that's it people....I'm marry a crazy man.........CRAZY AWESOME, that is!

I swear, I have never laughed so much and so hard in my life. He is such a goofball and, as most of you know, that's my M.O.

Before I share these little nuggets of golden hilarity, I want to pick up where I left off in my last post regarding The Wedding. I think it deserves to be capitalized, considering all the attention it's getting these days.

Things are pretty much set for the small gathering in Virginia on the 29th. My mom and I have been enjoying the planning process and I seriously haven't felt stressed about it. The reception has morphed into a 100+ people party at my house in Berkeley, which I'm surprisingly not freaked out about either. I'm excited! My mom's flying out with us for the reception, which I'm extra excited about! It's going to be an insane week. We fly back on a Thursday night and the reception is a day and a half later on that Saturday.
But my roommate's have a professional karaoke machine, I've ordered vegan what could possibly go wrong?  (seriously praying for no rain!)

Karma has NO idea what kind of planning I'm doing for both these events, although he knows that my mom emails me at least once a day regarding food, which he thinks is hilarious. The world he comes from doesn't spend so much time obsessing over food. He thinks I spend almost every moment thinking about...he's pretty much right.

We got him a suit and some shiny, new (vegan) shoes, which he pranced around our bedroom in saying (in Tibetan), "Wow, now I'm a young dude." LOL.

Our rings are sized and ready for action. I'm going to have my grandfather's wedding ring (father's side), since I'm the last Netschert in that line (I'm keeping my name). Karma is getting my great-grandmother's ring (mother's, mother's side). They're both simple gold bands, mine has my grandparent's initials and wedding date engraved inside.

One of the most arduous tasks for me was registering. It reminded me of a study conducted by psychologist Barry Schwartz (The Paradox of Choice) that I learned about from my boss, Christine Carter. Anyways, without getting into the details of it, he gave out samples of jam at the supermarket and in one study gave people a huge array of choices and in the other study he only gave them a few. Guess who was happier with their jam when they got home? Yep, you guessed it, the people who had fewer choices.

Seriously, it took me weeks to figure out what KNIVES to register for. That was my biggest dilemma! Every night when I'd settle down and hop online, I'd think, "I'm just going to DO IT (register)," but then when I typed in "knives" to Amazon, William Sonoma, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sur La Table...well, it was meltdown a la mode with a side of tight-chest and a headache on top.
When Karma saw me surfing the web with all these windows open with pictures of knives....he said, "Between your kung fu classes (aka kickboxing at the Y) and all these knives...should I be scared??"

I finally just went for it and stopped obsessing. I seriously feel FREE and have a lot more time on my hands for more important things, like surfing Facebook and shopping for eco-friendly thank you notes.

Overall, I am doing an inner happy dance (it's the robot) just thinking about all this! I can honestly say that I am SO glad I'm marrying Karma. He's just superterrifichappyhour awesome (anyone catch the Seinfeld reference?). I hope each of you can celebrate with us! AND we're going to Texas next spring to see all my dear ones there!

Okay, now to get down to business.

Karma's Goings Ons
Karma has crossed the one month line and is still in love with life in America in the Bay area (yippee!) We drove to Mt. Diablo last Saturday (about 30 min from my house) and he took about a million and one photos. He said it looked just like Tibet. (This is great to know if anyone wants to visit Tibet on a low budget. I can gather some Tibetan friends to sherpa and pretend they don't understand English, just to get the full effect...hehe)

Here are some photos he took from our journey (he's pretty good!):

This one he said looks a lot like Tibet. They have the same golden grass.

I love the shadows of the clouds.

Karma seriously needs some shades! He kept squinting when he faced the camera, so he finally had to pose like that. 

A Dance for Any Day of the Week
Karma has a hypothesis based on his experience in America thus far. It's that we have a dance for every activity. Why is that you ask? Well, he's got some good proof to back it.

1. My friend Chelsea's birthday party-- A LOT  of dancing was done there. This has been deemed, "Party dancing."
2. His English teacher in the afternoon does an excited/shuffle/butt shaking dance. This has been deemed, "School/Class dancing."
3. We went to a kirtan (Indian singing/praying concert) with Jai Uttal. In India people usually meditate through this singing practice, but because we live in Berkeley there were people dancing. This has been deemed, "Meditation dancing." (For the record he was making fun of the hippies like nobody's business...I was so proud.)
4. There is a young guy who works for Little Caesar's Pizza and holds their sign on the corner of San Pablo and University while he dances (he's a GREAT pop and locker, btw). This has been deemed, "Street dancing." 

So, there you have it folks, Karma's largest impression has been how often he sees people dance here. I didn't even mention that I routinely dance, both in the privacy of our home and in public, such as grocery stores and parking lots....he's no longer phased by it. =)

Last night we were driving and he reached over and turned up the radio. What was playing? Oh, none other than a little ditty by Far East Movement called, "Like a G6." You know, that song playing constantly on the Top 40 stations that makes you want to hurl yourself in front of the next oncoming truck? Yep, that one. I tried not to laugh, but he already knew my opinion on the song from a previous conversation when I was feeling a little judgmental (aka crazy and PMS and went on a 10 minute rant about how much I dislike that song and how it only promotes drinking and driving and getting wasted...). Anyways, I asked him, 
"Do you like that song?" It was too late, I was already laughing. He was too. He answered, 
"Yes. I like it A LOT!" He then went on to say (in Tibetan), 
"I think this song has wonderful words, beautiful words, sacred words, perfect words...." I played along for a minute, but we both totally lost it laughing. Just another example of him being goofy. 

Last Thoughts
Okay, this post is seriously long. I'm sorry, I wish I could write less and write more often, but this seems to be my style (for now).

Anyways, Karma was just on the phone with his mother in Tibet and apparently she's doing better (she was in the hospital, but she's out and feels good), BUT his father is really sick. He looks worried, which takes a lot for him to be, so please pray for his father. 

I also just suggested to him that he should wash his face (we have differing opinions on hygiene) and he did kung fu to a pillow (whilst laughing) to show his disdain for this idea...although he went ahead and did it. My stomach aches from laughing...yet again....


  1. Just finished reading and I'm off to the room above our marina office, to practice.... dancing! We took 1 1/2 years of lessons (ballroom?) but I still like the free style we perfected when we were young. (I'm glad that my knee replacement is all healed and we can get back to pain-free dancing!) So, I wonder what Karma would call our after-work dance rendez-vous?

  2. Your blog makes my heart sing! Laughter is the biggest glue in any relationship. We cannot wait to meet our new son-in-law. Worried about his parents...wish we could help them in some way.

    Love you lots, Mom